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Still Alive

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 12:35 AM
... and dumping a year's worth of stuff in my gallery... or more? Honestly, I'm so bad at keeping this thing updated.


Anyway. Happy winter to everyone! :heart:

Another sketchblog appears!

Fri Feb 18, 2011, 8:20 AM

So I hopped over to Blogger to create a new sketchblog and stopped updating the one at my website. It's just so much easier having a sketchblog there because most of the artists' blogs that I follow are there as well, and it's simpler to keep track of everything in one place. Plus, I can enable comments without fearing a huge random spam flood.

Check it out ->

There's mainly just my newer, completed works there at the moment, but I'll start dumping pencil sketches and other things there soon enough. Also I'll use it as a place to gush about whatever game I'm addicted to at the moment. :3


:iconklsteeleart: has some awesome character concept arts with beautifully styled armors. She also draws some pretty mean-looking orcs.
Female Ranger by KLSteeleArt Male Ranger by KLSteeleArt :thumb197269930:


:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3
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EDIT: Instead of flooding your message centre with my journal every day, I decided to go ahead and start filling up some of the remaining empty slots with people I watch who deserve to be featured. Only 3 more empty slots left after this update, so if I don't get them filled with artists from comments, I'll do one last update tomorrow. :)

Well, since I got tagged by two people, and then was featured by a third, I thought I'd go ahead and do this meme. :)

:bulletpurple: Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

:bulletpurple: For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list (if I don't get 18 people commenting, then I'll pick randomly from people who watch/comment my work).

:bulletpurple: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 17 other people (no you don't have to do this). The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1.:iconlamppuzini:, the awesome lady who did this meme first and got me into it too through a feature. Her gallery has a lot of lovely fanart of Star Trek and One Piece.

2.:iconzinny-chan:, the energetic commenter who tagged me with this particular meme a second time. I always enjoy reading her comments on my work, and likewise her gallery is fun to browse through for the different variety of artwork.
Hira ID by Zinny-chan Moomintroll goes drag-queen by Zinny-chan Fox reminds of cold winter by Zinny-chan

3.:iconartofrivana: didn't tag me and probably doesn't even know of this meme, but she was wonderful enough to feature me in her journal which automatically gets her a spot here. I would've featured her eventually anyway since I really like her art style and the skilled way she brings out the character's personalities in her drawings. :)
Tomie by ArtOfRivana Bayonetta - Finished by ArtOfRivana Trapped by ArtOfRivana

4.:iconyoshifreak: has a smashing sense of humour and a unique drawing style to back it up. His comics parodying Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2 always crack me up.
Team Sexy Too by yoshifreak Isometrical Love by yoshifreak Acme Sticky Bomb Launcher by yoshifreak

5.:iconsirtiefling: is a wizard with a mouse and Paint Shop Pro. Like, seriously.  
Halberd For Breakfast by SirTiefling Virtue of Valor by SirTiefling Death Holds No Terror by SirTiefling

6. :icondeega: left a lovely comment on this thread, so I went to check out her gallery. Her photos definitely deserve more recognition, they are very vibrant and have a fun vitality to them.
arrogance by deega boat and mountains by deega illusions111 by deega

7.:iconmiizou: currently has only 3 drawings in his gallery, but those three are so full of awesome he deserves a feature. You can never have too much Samus.

8.:iconneesa: has a very lovely, soft colouring style that really lights up her drawings. Her use of vibrant colours is joy for the eyes.

9.:icontomvanrheenen: has been improving by leaps and bounds while I've known him, and his newest paintings display the abundance of talent that he draws from.

10.:iconaizictoxemia: manages to convey a lot of different emotions in her character drawings, from joy to horror and everything in between. She also does wonderfully clean lineart.
Spoon Legs And Dwayna by AiZicToXemia Saint Gemini by AiZicToXemia Little Chibi Dervish by AiZicToXemia

11.:iconliviazita: is a veritable guru of many talents. She can manage awesome 3D renders, along with sewing, photography and photomanipulation.
Crossed by LiviaZita Minami and Razah: The Secret by LiviaZita Real Fur for Mill. Big Cats 2 by LiviaZita

12.:iconmagicnaanavi: draws the most beautiful women you'll find anywhere on DA. Her use of colour, detail and texture is just extraordinary.
Tian by MagicnaAnavi

13.:iconhectigo: is an abstract specialist. It's amazing how many different things he can fit into a drawing.
Sky Fish Eye by hectigo

Mature Content

Electric Tail by hectigo
Throne of the Undying by hectigo

14.:iconroseannepage: draws the loveliest of zombies. :heart:
Dark WoL by roseannepage chibi fail smoker Roe infected by roseannepage TF2 Stickers: Medic by roseannepage

15.:iconthistlexandra: is another deviant whose artistic progress is just astonishing. She's definitely on her way to becoming a master artist.
Ready and Waiting by ThistleXandra Murke Art Trade by ThistleXandra My monk portrait by ThistleXandra



:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3
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Happy New Year!

Wed Jan 5, 2011, 4:03 AM
The holidays were a pretty busy time for me. Last Christmas I couldn't spend it with my own family, so this year they seemed determined to make up for it with double the food, double the presents and double the "must spend time with family now". And not having eaten finnish Christmas food for nearly two years, I was happy enough to pig out - getting sick in the process and taking several days to get better again.

Hopefully this year is going to be a better year for me. Last year had some really nice things happen and a whole lot of really, really awful things happen from which I'm still recovering. One of the nice things was that I became inspired to draw 24/7 again - nothing like good ol' personal conflict and angst to get those creative energies flowing freely. Here's hoping that energy will stay with me for this year as well.

I wish an awesome year 2011 to everyone! :boogie: Keep living and keep drawing to the fullest. :heart:


:bulletpurple: :iconartofrivana: is holding an awesome workshop! For more details check out her journal:….

:bulletpurple: I'm holding a manga workshop at the library of Turenki on the 5.2 and 19.2.2011. Please come say hello if you're in the area. :3

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Making progress?

Thu Nov 25, 2010, 11:30 PM
I'm helping out :iconartofrivana: with a contest she is holding by providing a commission from me as a prize. If you're looking for good reference photos and a chance to improve your people-drawing skills, head over to her page and check out her contest!


I like browsing DA for things that help to develop my drawing style. I'm at a stage myself where I'm trying to push my style in a direction it has never gone before, and feel that I need to get all the help I can. That's why articles like this one are an absolute gold mine; while they don't really tell me anything I didn't already know, they still keep hammering the point home into my thick skull.

Draw from life! Practice! Try to see things in 3D! Teach your eyes to measure! We've all heard most (or all) of these things before, but at least I have a tendency to procrastinate with actually doing them.

Back when I started out, I stuck to drawing what was in my head because it required less effort and I felt that I was actually good at it. But later on, learning to learn again has been a huge struggle after I spent so many years disregarding good advice. I did pick up one or two things along the way, but now I see I could have gotten so much better faster if I'd bothered to open my eyes and challenge myself.

That's why, for the past year or so, my style has been changing heavily. I'm testing out my boundaries, doing things I haven't done before, striving to get better at something I only dreamt about before. Yes, I still occasionally draw in my old style (especially in my manga-style; that will always have a special place in my heart as the style that got me into drawing people). However, most of my finished works will be something entirely different. :)


I will be opening up proper commissions sometime after Christmas. Realized that I have waaaaay too much to draw before then (including current commissions and art-trades). :)

Hm.... not a very sweet dessert... well, here's a random awesome deviation to sweeten it up!
THE DOCTOR IS... IN by Vilabela

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Membership (again) + commission?

Mon Nov 15, 2010, 8:15 AM
Finally got enough extra money to pay for a premium membership. I missed having it... even if I don't post very often, it makes things so much neater to look at. I like to customize my journal as well. :3

Been thinking if I should start taking commissions for irl money. I do a lot of Guild Wars-related commissions for game money, but have a dire need for real money as well since I'm unemployed at the moment. So, I'm putting up a poll on the subject, please take a moment to reply honestly. :) I'm developing my style in a more realistic direction at the moment, but I still do enjoy drawing manga as well. So I would do both styles for commissions. The prices would be pretty reasonable, something along the lines of 20-60 euros depending on what I'm drawing.

Thank you for everyone's comments on my drawings. :) I might not always have time to reply, but I appreciate each one. :heart:

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... have been for some months already. No scanner though, and took me a while to get all the necessary drawing programs on the computer too. Just been sketching a whole lot of unfinished stuff, perhaps soon I'll have something finished that I dare to put up here. :)
I figured I might as well update this once a year to let people know I'm still alive. :) Last year, my life made an interesting turn and I ended up in Australia. I'm still here and having fun! I miss having snow though.

I haven't been very active in DA for a couple of years now because most of the drawings I do these days are just sketches, or then commissions which I can't always post up. But yeah, not giving up on this site just yet. I will continue to post the occasional finished work here even if I don't update very often and DA's stalking system is still great for seeing new artwork from people.

Thanks to everyone who watches and comments on my page. :heart:


Something interesting I came across. A good tutorial to read for everyone, especially those who draw comic/manga style. It raises a lot of good points about switching from cartoon/manga to realism and back again, and how it can make you utterly blind to your own style. I've been in the same situation the tutorial describes, and it's a big help to have something pointing it out with tips on how to make it better.
Enjoy. :)……

Back in action...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2009, 11:04 PM
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... or somewhere thereabouts

Whoops, another few months passed by and I didn't do anything on this page... ^^;
Despite the fact that I generally seem to take rather longish breaks from here, I still do stay around, lurking, looking at deviations and comments. Sometimes life just gets so busy and stressful and it's all I can do to keep up with it's demands.

A quick "what's up":
- I graduated in December. Now I'm a certified graphic designer. Even though I still feel I have lots to learn.
- Looking for a full-time job where I can use my learned skills. Freelance work is fun, but a bit too stressful for me since you never know if each month will bring in enough money.
- Games! Got my own PS3, and also... Left 4 Dead. :heart:

Glad to have time to draw again, and I can feel good ol' inspiration knocking on the door again. :)

Conventions I'm planning on attending this year

* Tracon - already signed up as workforce, so I'll be there! :)
* Animecon - designing a cosplay for this
* Ropecon

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Just getting rid of the previous journal. It was getting old anyway. :) Perhaps there will be a new one soon. And meh, looks like it's back to being without a subscription.


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 12:28 PM
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  • Playing: Guild Wars, RE4, Baldur's Gate
Tampere Kuplii

Anyone else coming to Tampere Kuplii? It's a comic convention held in my hometown this weekend. There'll be tons of famous finnish comic artists present, along with the unveiling of Sarjakuva-Finlandia award for the best finnish comic this year.

I'll be there helping around the info desk and hosting a panel discussion on Saturday. :3 Come over and poke me if you happen to be around.  


I was tagged by :iconlodetus:
Did something similiar over a year ago, but I think I can come up with eight more random facts. :D

I. Post these rules.
II. Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves.
III. Tagged people should write a JournalBlog about these facts.
IV. In the end, tag and name 8 more people.
V. Go to their DA pages and comment saying that they are tagged and hugged.

* I'm usually a very calm person but if I see a bunny/rabbit, be prepared for lots of "squeee"ing, bouncing around and generally looking like a two year old in a candy store. I have made a fool of myself in public like this. I've yet to regret it. XD

* I keep a diary in comic form.

* I have eaten octopus ink. It's wonderful for dyeing your rice black.

* These days, I'm reliving my youth by re-watching all the anime I never watched to the end before. Princess Tutu is my current obsession.

* I sleep a lot. 9 hours a night is just about enough. 2 hour naps are completely normal.

* I speak a little chinese.

* I like cooking. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll grow up to be a busty old housewife (minus the children and a church wedding) but then with housewifery comes tons of good, solid cooking and the idea suddenly doesn't feel so bad after all. Of course, my kitchen would probably be a warzone between paint stains and breadcrumbs.

* I don't have a kitchen in my current apartment. :cries:

And I tag... hmm....
:iconawlore: :iconkazie: :
:iconkipinae: :icontheelfhybrid:

... and whoever hasn't done this yet! :3

Featured art

:iconthe-murdellicious: is a genius with a pencil. I absolutely love his sketching and shading techniques. The character portraits that he draws are very alive and have details that jump out at the viewer. His oil paintings are rich in vibrant colours and wonderful sky effects.

Some examples:
Bad Girl by the-murdellicious ANGER OF A DWARF by the-murdellicious Reindeer God by the-murdellicious

Stuff to do

* art trade with Sadyna
* art for kazie
* graduation project
* fish


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2008, 4:22 AM
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  • Playing: Guild Wars, RE4, Baldur's Gate
Current obsession

So, now that I decided to move my graduation to autumn and therefore get 6 more months to work on the final project, what do I spend all my sudden free time on?


It eats your soul.

Commenting on other people's work there is teh awesum. :heart:
If any of you have accounts there, let me know please so I can stalk.

Featured art

:iconmetalmiku: has a really original drawing style. Her characters are thin, lean, melancholy and so very beautiful to look at. Her drawing style is sketchy with vibrant bursts of colour here and there, which really make it stand out in a crowd. Many of the drawings have an interesting mix of dark and depressing with something delicate and divine.  

Some examples:
Vicious girl by metalmiku Rosemary by metalmiku Rotten ideology by metalmiku

Stuff to do

* art trade with Lodetus DONE
* art trade with Sadyna
* art for kazie
* graduation project
* some random stuffs

I has a Website

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 13, 2008, 4:42 AM
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Now with actual content.


About time... it had a two-year hiatus. :D It's got a sketchblog in it for all the random stuff I feel like showing everyone which I don't feel like uploading here.  

Featured art

:iconsadyna: is another wonderful copic-artist. Her brilliant use of colours and patterns really stand out, and give her works a lovely, authentic manga feel. There's an air of bright cheerfulness to her works that always make me smile every time I visit her gallery.

Some examples:
:thumb74178566: :thumb77340254: Stay with me... by Sadyna

Stuff to do

* art trade with Lodetus DONE
* art trade with Sadyna
* art for kazie
* graduation project
* some random stuffs

Tracon 2008 happy time

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 18, 2008, 5:24 AM
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  • Watching: Babylon 5
  • Playing: Guild Wars, RE4
Convention madness

Last weekend I attended Tracon, which is a roleplay and anime themed convention held in my home town. This year there was just a staggering amount of people attending, and I'm so glad they managed to get more space for holding the convention in.

A great big thanks and a :hug: to everyone who came over to say hello! I was the quiet* artist sitting in a dark corner of the dealers' room, helping to sell Copic-markers and answering all your questions about how to colour with them. It was wonderful to meet new people and get to talk to other artists from DA. Thank you all! I didn't have time to check out any of the actual programs taking place, but it didn't matter since I had so many people keeping me company back at the dealers' room.
For those of you who walked by timidly and were too intimidated by the red-haired girl with a wild look on her face, shame on you. I don't bite. :3

I hadn't touched my Copics in a small forever, so it was interesting to get to work with them again. What was not so interesting was finding out that half of them were either all used up or dry. *sigh*
Discovering that most of my markers are light coloured didn't help either... need to get some darker shades in the future.

As for other news, well... school is still being a pain. Still working on my graduation project. Still not finding enough inspiration to get it finished quickly. Someone please kick me and tell me to play more Resident Evil 4 so I can finally return it to my brother.

*Quiet... well... at least when my mouth was stuffed with food. :D

Featured art

:iconsakur: is, in my mind, the number one Copic guru in Finland. She has coloured with Copics for a few years already and always manages to amaze me with how much variety you can get out of the markers. Her sense of colour and composition is just amazing, and most of her works feature an interesting contrast between a bright colour palette and a darker subject.

Some examples:
:thumb58162809: :thumb67401389: :thumb64700068:

Stuff to do

* art trade with Lodetus
* art for kazie
* graduation project
* some random stuffs

Christmas Calendar

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2007, 10:24 PM
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School and work is killing me. x_x

Still finding enough time to organize a Guild Wars themed Christmas Calendar though. If you like seeing great art from fantastic artists (even if you don't play the game), please check it out!

Oh, and decided to start featuring artists, since there are so many artist who go unnoticed in this huge website. I will be randomly featuring either an artist, artwork or artwork based on a theme.

Featured art

:iconkazie: has an absolutely amazing grasp of colour and very interesting characters in her drawings. Her style looks very professional and every time I get a new piece from her in my devwatch, I'm left staring at it in wonder. Her normal style is slightly mangaish, but she can do some very good realistic pieces too.

Some examples:
Karelian Moonlight Sonata by kazie Groovy peacock by kazie Two Passengers by kazie

24 comics!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2007, 8:49 AM
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  • Watching: Stardust
  • Playing: Guild Wars, Shadow Hearts 2

Last weekend was the 24 hour comic challenge. It was... interesting. :D Much thanks to :iconkazie: and :iconjapster: for keeping me awake and giggling through the whole experience!

Anyhow, I managed to finish drawing the entire 24 pages of the comic about 6 hours before 24 hour time limit was up. By the end, I was so tired and my hand was so sore that I really, really ended up hurrying the pages (and the story). So my original idea didn't quite make it to the end... oh well, there's always a chance to polish the story and try drawing it again later. If I have the energy.

I will be uploading the comic pages to my Scraps a little at a time. Why scraps? Well... you'll see once you look at them.

People looking for quality comics really shouldn't check these out :D
24hours - Slit Mouth Woman 1 by Shinanai 24 hour - Slit Mouth Woman 2 by Shinanai 24 hours - Slit Mouth Woman 3 by Shinanai 24 hours - Slit Mouth Woman 4 by Shinanai 24 hour - Slit Mouth Woman 5 by Shinanai

Stuff to do

Commission for FluffinglyFluff
Art trade with kazie
Art trade with metalmiku
Couple of GW character drawing commissions
MY FINAL GRADUATION PROJECT - badly in need of finding time to work on this -_-

I'm a manga-style artist but that#03

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2007, 1:24 AM
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  • Playing: Guild Wars, Shadow Hearts 2, Okami
Artists ahoy~

I don't normally write rants, because they generally don't really solve anything and most people don't even bother to read them. But this time, I just have to get some stuff out of my head.

Why is manga style such a big deal to some people, and why the hell are people being such idiots about it? And by this, I mean the huge number of people involved in comics/manga in some way.
Let me explain: these days everyone and their dog reads manga. But as soon as a western artist takes into their head to start drawing a manga-style comic (or publish their manga-styled drawings in some other format), they are almost without exception faced with two really nasty groups of people.

Group 1: The pure western comic artists/fans. Their main argument: "Manga is just copying other people's style! It's not a pure comic style! Bury yourself under a rock for a few years and come here again when you actually know how to draw."
I have had people treating me this way, and I know a couple really wonderful manga/comic artists who have problems with these people. These amazing artists are beginning to doubt their style, thinking it's something ugly that should be hidden rather than displayed. When they show their work in the more serious comic artist circles, their work is first praised for it's humour and great grasp of concept, and then someone always asks "So, when are you gonna drop the kiddie style and start drawing REAL comics?". Explaining that this is your style gets you nowhere... the same person will most likely start ridiculing you and try to explain that manga is not a style, it's just being a copycat and taking the easy way out. Then they proceed to ignore you on the basis that "You'll never be a real comic artist until you get your original style". Even if the manga-style artist in question already has several years of successful published works behind them, they are not taken seriously as long as there's any small vestiges of manga in their style.

Group 2: The pure manga fans. Their main argument: "Because it's done by a western person, it's trash!"
The scary thing is, the majority of manga fans think this way. An artist may get a break if they publish their comics online for free, but as soon as they start thinking about publishing their manga-styled comic to earn a living as an artist they get snubbed by manga fans. The artists are called traitors, moneyhounds and worse, and their style is completely ripped to shreds because it's not pure manga.
According to some recent happenings on DA, there seems to be tons of people who hate Fred Gallagher for drawing in a manga-style way and actually trying to earn a living out of it. Tokyopop's manga-style comics by western artists don't sell as well as "100% authentic manga". There are tons of examples like this all over.

So, what's a manga-styled comic artist to do? No matter where they turn, they are met with hostility if they plan to get at all serious about drawing manga-styled comics for a living. Most professional comic artists don't take them seriously, and their own fanbase rejects them as soon as they "sell their soul for money". Many wonderful manga-styled artists have come to hate their own art, changing style dramatically to get away from the uncomfortable situation.
I'm beginning to get really pissed off at this situation. People are such purists that they are unable to accept artistic style for what it is. I'm always scared when I meet comic artists who draw in a western style; scared that they'll reject me, scared that they'll go into another long lecture about why manga is not acceptable. And if I ever decide to make a living out of drawing manga-styled comics, I know that I will have to fight with my fellow manga fans to carve even a small acceptable niche for myself.
Oh, and as a personal note... I really hate the distinction between manga and western comics. They're all comics, aren't they? Why doesn't Donald Duck have it's own style name? What about American superhero comics? Manga is just a style, but it belongs in the comic category and should be treated equally with all the other styles out there. Please people, grab a brain and accept the diversity of styles for the wonderful thing it is.  

I would like to hear other people's opinion on this situation. How many here agree with either one of these groups, and what are your reasons for it? I won't get angry at you or anything, I just want to try to understand better why manga is so controversial.

Oh, and congrats if you read this entire thing. ;) Didn't think it'd turn this long.... *gives you all a cookie for the trouble* :3


Yarrr, so here I am, subscribed again. I just couldn't live without thumbnails and journal customization.... More customization to come, little by little! Journal pictures, stamps, things like that. Just wanted to test out this layout. ^^
I'm thinking about adding a featured artists section, and perhaps some thumbnails of recent favourites. What do you generally like to see on a person's DA page? Just their own journal? Anyone here ever check out featured artists or thumbnails?

24 Hour Comics Day

Rawr. For all of you comic artists out there, there is an interesting thing called the 24h Comics Day on October 20th. :3 I shall be taking part in it too, as part of an event hosted by a local comic store. If all goes well, I'll have an entire comic to upload here after that.

Anyhow, here's a short small advertisement for the finnish-speaking peoples here:
Kansainvälinen sarjakuvatapahtuma järjestetään lokakuussa toista kertaa Bukrassa. Lauantaina 20.10 2007 avaamme klo 10.00 ja piirtäjät aloittavat urakkansa heti. Kauppa on auki koko yön, sunnuntai aamuun klo 10.00 asti. Toivomme paikan päälle kannustavaa yleisöä. Mukaan piirtämään ovat ilmoittautuneet; J.P AHONEN, SOLJA JÄRVENPÄÄ, JYRKI NISSINEN, JAANA SUORSA, JOUKO RUOKOSENMÄKI, KAIJA PAPU, AINO LOUHI JA ESSI NOPANEN. Tervetuloa katsomaan kuinka sarjakuva syntyy!

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  • Playing: Guild Wars, Shadow Hearts 2
Rawr. For all of you comic artists out there, there is an interesting thing called the 24h Comics Day on October 20th. Be merry and participate!  :3 I shall be taking part in it too, as part of an event hosted by a local comic store. If all goes well, I'll have an entire comic to upload here after that.

Anyhow, here's a short small advertisement for the finnish-speaking peoples here:


Kansainvälinen sarjakuvatapahtuma järjestetään lokakuussa toista kertaa Bukrassa. Lauantaina 20.10 2007 avaamme klo 10.00 ja piirtäjät aloittavat urakkansa heti. Kauppa on auki läpi yön, sunnuntai aamuun klo 10.00 asti. Toivomme paikan päälle kannustavaa yleisöä. Mukaan piirtämään ovat ilmoittautuneet; J.P AHONEN, SOLJA JÄRVENPÄÄ, JYRKI NISSINEN, JAANA SUORSA, JOUKO RUOKOSENMÄKI, KAIJA PAPU, AINO LOUHI JA ESSI NOPANEN. Tervetuloa katsomaan kuinka sarjakuva syntyy!


Thankee to everyone who's commented on my work. :heart: I may be rather quiet, but I do poke around here every now and then.
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*picks up a broom, walks in, swishes it around a few times and starts carefully cleaning up the dust from the corners of her account*

Umm yeah, hi everyone. Thought I'd get this thing doing something again, I really have been away too long. Had to change some things in my life and it ended up taking a while, hoping that I won't let those things happen again anytime soon. I just became too much of a workaholic and ended up neglecting what was important, mainly my personal art. And I hated that. x_x It's just scary thinking that I drew tons of things during the months that I was absent, but not one single thing was something I drew for myself.... (and since they were completely work related things, in a you-don't-have-the-rights-to-your-own-work way, I can't post them here).
It just took me a few months to realize that it was smothering me, and to realize that continuing down that path would eventually lead to being destroyed by stress and hospitalized for a breakdown and probably never being able to work again (I was horribly near that a few months ago ;_; ).

So bit by bit I ended up saying byebye to most of the work and slowly getting back into being a free artist and all. Still, I'm starting out slow, trying not to put too much pressure on myself so I won't have a relapse of that art-block. I think for now I'll just up small things that I draw, mostly fun commissions and things drawn for friends. :) Hopefully there'll be more to come in the future.

A great big thank you to everyone who commented on my drawings while I was away, and to everyone who faved them! :heart: :hug: It helps me a lot to know that people still appreciate my artwork.

Tracon registration

Wed Sep 20, 2006, 2:18 AM

Just writing a quick journal to let you know that the registration for Tracon's Taidekuja is now open. You can find it at

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've had a lot to deal with since school started. My grandmother was suddenly admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago and they found out that she's dying of cancer. Depending on the doctor, they say she'll either die in a few weeks, or live for a year or more, so we've been visiting her as often as possible.

Now I'm slowly trying to get things back into order, after the initial shock of hearing about her condition. My grandmother has always been very close to me and supports me with whatever I do, so losing her is going to be tough.

Currently working on:
- getting my webpage updated, why am I so lazy about it.... ;_;

Commissions / art trades?
- Sorry, I do art trades only with friends. I do commissions occasionally, drop me a note if you're interested.

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